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Handpikked Neon is India's most affordable supplier of LED neon light signs.

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Each LED neon sign or artwork is designed in-house by our professional designers.

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Latest neon flex technology which is stronger & lighter than glass neon tubes.

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Our high quality backboards feature pre-drilled holes for easy wall mounting & hanging.

Modern neon signs

Experience the Neon Revival: Introducing LED Neon Flex Signs" - Once a hallmark of the 20th century, neon light signs are making a triumphant comeback with safer, energy-efficient, and affordable LED neon flex. Now, a new generation can embrace the allure of neon with a wider array of options at a fraction of the cost.

Discover the possibilities with neon LED products – from mesmerizing wedding party decorations to captivating bedroom or home decor. Personalize your space with custom name signs for kids' rooms, add flair with neon bar signs, opt for artistic neon sculptures, or design a unique neon sign for any purpose. Embrace the neon renaissance today!

Personalized & customized neon signs

Crafted with Passion: Handmade Neon Signs and Lights" - Discover the artistry behind every piece we create. Whether it's a personalized neon sign, custom neon word sign, LED bar lights, neon sculpture, or something entirely unique, we bring your vision to life!

Celebrate life's moments with our range of customized neon light signs for weddings, events, and birthdays. Looking for a remarkable gift? A personalized neon sign is the perfect choice. Create a signature touch with personalized neon name signs for your home bar or garage. Infuse your living spaces with vibrant charm using a wall art neon sign for the bedroom, living room, or man cave. Explore our selection of freestanding neon lamps and find the one that complements your style.

Indulge in the enchanting world of handmade neon art, where every piece tells a story. Elevate your space with our bespoke creations today!

Custom neon signs for business

Beyond Neon Open Signs: The Versatile Appeal of Modern Neon Flex" - Embrace the neon revolution! From hipster neon word lights in co-workspaces to neon wall art in coffee shops, bars, restaurants, and diners, modern neon flex has taken businesses by storm. Beauty salons and barber shops illuminate their spaces with neon light up signs, while nightclubs and yoga studios display inspiring neon quote signs.

Embracing the Instagram age, food trucks, pop-ups, boutiques, hair salons, and entrepreneurial ventures leverage neon light up signs for captivating visual impact. Make your business talk of the town by adding a neon wall decoration as a perfect backdrop for selfies! Savvy start-ups and marketing agencies tap into the trend of neon art and quirky signs, igniting free advertising through social media shares. Experience the power of neon flex and illuminate your business today!

Get lit with custom neon lights

Immerse in Neon Artistry: Explore Our Signature Collection" - Unveil a world of captivating neon art, aesthetic sculptures, table lamps, and mesmerizing word signs. Personalize your space with neon name signs, tailored for kids' rooms and weddings. Or, ignite your imagination and craft a one-of-a-kind masterpiece with a custom neon sign for your home or business. Share your vision, and we'll illuminate it brilliantly!

Embrace Brilliance: Crafted with Premium LED Flex - Our customized signs boast the finest LED flex, striking the perfect balance between cost-effectiveness, durability, and safety. Experience the allure of neon without real glass, while still leaving a profound visual impact. Click here to discover our seamless process, explore custom options, and learn about prompt delivery times.

Illuminate your surroundings with artistry and flair. Shop now and let the radiance of neon elevate your space to extraordinary heights!

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